About Me

Brian Regan is one of my favorite comedians. He does a skit about a “no-nonsense judge.” It goes something like this:

I’ve been watching these law shows–the real law stuff. I never understand when they say, “A no-nonsense judge presided over the trial.” Huh. A no-nonsense judge. As opposed to what? A typical judge, I guess? They start the trial:

“Okay…I…would like to begin….by spinning the propeller on my beanie!” Toot-toot-toot-toot!  “You may have gathered…I am a nonsense judge. If anyone says anything that makes any sense, I’ll OVERRULE it.  Let the nonsense begin!!”

I am a “no-nonsense momma.” I like to run my house with order and efficiency. I am very task-driven. If I can get a lot of meaningful tasks done, then I feel very satisfied at the end of the day. I am nothing if not productive. Don’t get me wrong–I also make sure we have quality family time each day. I excel at organizing my things as well as my time. I (usually) keep us within our grocery budget and make sure we don’t forget anything when we leave the house with our two little ones in tow. I feel like I do a pretty good job of balancing household chores with quality play time with my babies.

My husband, on the other hand, is sometimes a “nonsense daddy.” He has a very talented way of turning mundane tasks into fun, memorable events. A few years back, we were helping his parents build and fill a garden box for their backyard. On a warm Saturday morning, we hauled about eight giant (and somewhat stinky) bags of dirt into the yard. The task was simple: cut open the bags and pour the dirt into the box. I was eager to finish quickly and move on to the next few items on my to-do list for the day. So I was a little impatient when Jon ran back into the house for nothing other than his Katana (traditional Japanese sword). And I got a little more impatient when he ran back in to get a Sharpie. And then a little more impatient, flustered, and confused when sent me into the house to search for his camera. He set up the dirt-filled bags in a circle in the middle of the backyard, and drew a different face on each bag. And then, camera rolling, he proceeded to the middle of the circle to face and then cut down his opponents, slicing them left and right, spearing them through with many a kiai. We laughed until our bellies ached, and so did his parents after they saw the video.

Jon and I are incredibly similar in so many ways but this one. I help make sure things get done, and he helps make sure we have fun in the process. We make one spectacular team.

My goal is to log some of the things I learn during my adventure as a stay-at-home mom. I hope it will be a resource for me when I have my next baby (you wouldn’t believe how easily you forget things!) as well as for my friends and family.


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